Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How can I make my windows genuine?

Hi guys!
If you are wondering how to make your windows seven genuine, then the only possible way is to buy the genuine windows 7 dvd from the market and install it on your computer. But, that costs you hundreds of dollar which you don't want to spend and save your money, right? Of-course, that's why you are here I guess.
Another way is to clean your computer or laptop and re-install it but that's also heck of a work. Nobody wants to do that cause it will take a lot of time to re-install the whole operating system and also all other important software that you will need on a daily basis. That's also not a good solution. So, what is the solution that will save your time as well as money and still able to operate windows as good as a new one on your machine?
You know what? you are so lucky that you have came to the right place in this huge world of internet. There is a process by which you can remove all the bugging that a non genuine version of windows throws at you.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hide “this copy of windows is not genuine” notification in windows 7

Disable "This copy of windows is not genuine" annoying messages in windows seven without using any software.

                Do you want to disable "this copy of windows is not genuine message" in windows seven? Try this method. It requires no additional software and hardly takes 4~8 minutes. People who are using windows seven whose license period has expired knows very well how disgusting that pop-up of windows is. I mean com'on do we really need to remind every five minutes about the windows that we are using is not genuine?? Additionally, we get banished from setting the desktop wallpaper. "Desktop Wallpaper" guys!! It is kind of stealing the beauty of laptop. And its a big deal!!

               You might be searching for the software that can hide “Windows Seven not genuine” notification. Well, did you get success? If your answer is no, here are some easy steps that will allow you to do so without using any software. A lot of promising software are available now a days to fix this but unfortunately none of them works correctly. I'm posting a method that you can do it by yourself and hardly takes 4-8 minutes. Here we go...

Procedure to fix "this copy of windows is not genuine" notification:

The whole process can be divided into two parts:
PART A - Uninstalling Windows Update: KB971033
PART B - Rearm Windows

                The so notification is because of Windows Update: KB971033. You need to uninstall it. It will not affect anything else in your system. Follow these simple steps to uninstall it-
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